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Concrete floors aren’t usually anything to look at, as they are often dull and gray with no aesthetic appeal. This can be detrimental for businesses, as customers and clients may be put off by the flooring. If you are working in an industrial setting, you could notice that the floors are becoming cracked or stained due to chemicals or heavy machinery being used in the area.

To save your floors and cover up concrete, you’ll need to consider the best flooring options for your specific situation. Let’s take a look at flooring options you may enjoy.

Textured Flooring

concrete floor covering products

Textured floor coverings are typically made of materials like stone or wood. These concrete floor covering products and materials are poured or installed over your existing concrete floor, so you don’t have to worry about removing any flooring. When flooring is textured, you may also be able to add a hint of color to bring the area together and make it even more attractive.

Stenciled Coverings

Stenciled coverings are applied to floors and are ideal for outdoor areas, such as pool decks. The material is cost effective and adds to the durability of floors along with their aesthetic appeal. You’ll have various patterns and stencils to choose from, so there is no worry about having limited options to choose from.


Laminate is another option for flooring that does not coast as much as others. This flooring comes in various different colors and you have numerous designs that can be applied to concrete floors. Laminate flooring looks good and allows you to make floors look like whatever material you want, including wood or natural stone.

These are three of the best options for covering floors, but you may find that there are plenty of other materials available that fit your needs.