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Lighting can seem like something that takes no time at all, but there is actually a lot you need to consider when you are lighting your home. Your cozy space can feel uncomfortable with the wrong lighting, which is an issue many homeowners face. Instead of living with your lighting, make changes and fix some of the mistakes you may have made.

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Not Thinking in Layers

Lighting is not simple – you can’t just install several of the same lighting fixtures and think that will give you a good result. Instead, you need to use strategy and consider layering when placing lighting. Overhead lighting is important, but something many homeowners forget when placing custom home lighting montgomery is task lighting.

There are also other lighting types you may need to help you perform all of the functions necessary in your home, including floor lamps.

Dismiss Dimmers

You shouldn’t discount dimmer switches, as they are an excellent lighting tool. They give you full control of the lighting in your home, so you can adjust it during the day and at night to fit your mood and the aesthetic you are trying to create. One of the many things that dimmer switches can enhance include dinner parties, which may be more inviting when the room is a bit dimmer than it would be with typical lighting fixtures in place and no dimming effect.

Forget Shadows

Forgetting about shadows is a big mistake, as you should aim to get rid of shadows – not create more. In certain rooms, such as the bathroom, this can be incredibly important. You won’t be able to get a good look at your face if you are only relying on overhead lighting, as it will cast a shadow. Kitchens are another place you may want to avoid shadows.

You can make sure your home is properly lit by thinking in layers, considering dimmer switches, and remembering to light shadows.